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The Problem With Pajamas

Published 2022 by Simon & Schuster

Pajamas are the worst! They zap you! They trap you! They scritch and they scratch you! And then, when you think it can’t get any worse...they make your feet sweat.

Cody has had enough of wrinkly socks, itchy sweaters, and too-tight pants, so she’s definitely not going to wear PJs to bed. But Dad has a soft, snuggly plan that just might help Cody realize some pajamas aren’t so awful after all.


Reviews for "The Problem With Pajamas"

"Stohler’s (The Best Worst Poet Ever) story of underthings and understanding has all the marks of a well-crafted sitcom: a magnetic star player, an endearing supporting cast, expertly placed comic beats, and lots of jaunty dialogue—including a performed song with the chorus, “My clo-o-othes done me wrong!”"

– Publishers Weekly

"The charming antics of Cody and her comical friends fill the pages in pastel vignettes and double-page spreads that burst with energy, mirthful expressions, and details that emerge with repeated readings. Cody’s soulful songs have a wonderful rhythm, and her speech bubble conversations with her father and friends are witty and eloquent, yet authentic. VERDICT This perfect bedtime read is also a lovely example of a father-daughter relationship and a reminder that children need to be able to express their true feelings and be treated with patience and understanding."

– School Library Journal

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