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A Second Helping of Pug Poetry by Inkpug

Hungry for more pug poetry? Tasty serves up a second helping of Inkpug's fully illustrated pug-themed verse!

This sequel to 2018's How I Eat Dis? compiles three more years of weekly pug poems into one glamorous volume, covering such hot topics as "Pugsistential Thoughts," "Special Pug-casions," and, of course, "Food."


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Take a peek inside!

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Reviews for "TASTY"

"Look nice on shelf. Hold up other books."

– Pippi Peanuts

"Better than broccoli. Slightly."

– Deuce

"Tricked again! STILL BOOK! Poems about food! Not food!"

– Mr. Tumbles

"Finally; pug named BooBoo!"

– Booboo

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