How I Eat Dis?

A collection of Pug Poetry by Inkpug

This (sadly inedible) collection of illustrated pug poetry covers the most compelling pug issues of the age, including food, fashion, pizza, leisure, ice cream, and the cold (ugh).

How I Eat Dis? compiles over three years of Inkpug's weekly pug poems into one almost-as-thick-as-a-hamburger compendium. Fill your tub with snacks and prepare to be positively stultified by the drollery of pug poetry!

How I Eat Dis Cover.png

Reviews for "How I Eat Dis?"

"Tough book. Frosting help."

– JimJim

"I bring to dog park. Pretend read; impress poodles."

– Mr. Tumbles

"This is book. Poems about food. Not food. Huge disappoint."

– Chunk

"Why no pugs named Booboo?"

– Booboo