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I Am a GREAT Friend!

Published 2023 from Simon & Schuster

Baby Capybara is a great friend. After all, no one else can create obstacle courses, follow treasure maps, or make perfect mud pies. So why is he the only capybara without a beautiful bevy of birds perched on his back? He tries to be more like the other capybaras: he floats calmly, he naps quietly, and he even chews slowly—still no flock!

But when an unexpected critter splashes onto the scene, Baby Capybara realizes that, instead of changing himself to fit in, maybe there’s someone out there who loves the same things he does!

"There’s something irresistible about Baby Capybara. . . . The highs, lows, and in betweens of seeking connection are laid out humorously yet truthfully. This could easily be read just for entertainment or as a conversation starter around a variety of social-emotional skills. It is nimble, just like Baby Capybara. A sweet combination of silly and tender."

– Kirkus Reviews

"Well-timed speech bubbles and kinetic images capture the way that boisterous and tender-hearted Baby Capybara makes an impression, playing out an endearing, very relatable journey about finding

a true friend to click with."

– Publishers Weekly

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